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The automotive industry faces fierce competition in this new world and to thrive in this competitive world innovations are a must. Companies need to regularly upgrade themselves in order to have a competitive edge over others. Automotive companies deal with a massive data of its varied models and each model having varied components on a regular basis. Additionally, with software and sensors generated information conveying maintenance details, the automakers can accurately identify new purchase opportunity.


  • Undistributed data across sales and business units

  • High inventory levels due to lack of proper predictability

At Kushagramati we help our customers to optimize their service business processes by:

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Using state-of-the-art intelligent data analytics to increase operational efficiency

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Manage data in the future to gather intelligence from analysing data


Manufacturing Value Chain


The automotive industry has seen rapid development over the last decade. Today’s manufacturing environment is highly dynamic & complex and consists of various stakeholders like multiple suppliers & partners, distribution channels, fulfillment partners and customers.

We at Kushagramati using our complex model, analyse different parts

on the move across the manufacturing process to make sure they seamlessly work in tandem to bring down the cost and increase utilisation.

Warranty Analytics


The automotive industry continues to face a dynamic set of challenges. Warranty claims costs are a major concern for the automotive industry. With the analysis of user generated information, automakers can enhance the customer engagement and interaction with the brand through more targeted initiatives. At Kushagramati we provide warranty analytics that help customers to know more about future scenarios of claim costs to plan their fiscal year budget and take proactive actions accordingly.

Predictive Analytics


With Predictive analytics, quality management can process not only

the large set historical information but also predict/prevent faults and defects.

It allows for early detection of issues and minimizes the probability

of its occurrence

in future. Identification of a defect at the supplier level using analytics will greatly abate situations involving warranty claims. Optimisation of the supply chain management through predictive analytics is highly beneficial

in predicting consumer demand and inventory management. Thus, analytics increases both customer satisfaction and quality management at a

cost-effective level. At Kushagramati we aim to deliver a fulfilling user experience using predictive data analytics on structured & unstructured data. Benefits are improved Customer Satisfaction and enhanced performance and profitability.

Fleet Management / Analytics


Often, it is overlooked how much data a modern car posses and identification of the right information is crucial for effective fleet management. Analyzing the parameters that affect the performance of the vehicle is imperative to bolster development of a more efficient vehicle. Adopting a data-driven approach to fleet management is the most effective way to maximise the efficiency of the fleet while simultaneously minimizing the costs. At Kushagramati we aggregate the connected driver’s data and generate insights to optimise fleet management and services. We provide Data-driven automobile maintenance recommendations and analyse historical data to predict potential risks.

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