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The robust outlook of the retail industry, coupled with the digital revolution aided by technological advancements and proliferation of smartphones, has encouraged retailers to rethink their business strategies and make the most of the opportunity. With the growth of e-commerce, customer preferences and behaviours have changed drastically towards personalized and tailored shopping experience.

  The top challenges seen in the current market are:

  • Multichannel buying experiences

  • Maintaining customer loyalty with changing expectations

  • Managing internal communication

  • Security and privacy

At Kushagramati we help our Retailers to optimize their business processes by:

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Forecasting trends

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Performance and demand prediction

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Price optimization with highest return on investment (ROI)

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Enable data driven decisions


Supply Chain Management


Data analytics can be used to improve delivery times and identify ways

to reduce the communication gap between manufacturers and suppliers.

Our analytics reports enable decision-makers to achieve operational efficiency and monitor performance to improve productivity. We augment

data-driven decisions to reduce costs and improve service levels.


  •  Real-time supply chain execution

  •  Improved demand planning

  •  Enhanced order optimization

  •  Inventory movement analytics

Customer Behaviour Analysis


“Know Your Customer” is currently the success mantra for the eCommerce sector. In today’s technology rich environments, vast amounts of data

are generated through social networks, mobile devices, Web, store kiosks ,geolocation digital sensors and automation interactions. Many retailers would like to access the data gathered to uncover valuable information related

to customer opinions, habits and preferences. Volume, velocity and variety

of unstructured information are the key challenges faced.

Kushagramati analytic processes enable retailers to retrieve that information, gain vital ROI insights in the process and deliver real-time targeted communication with customers.


  •  Predict customer demand and returns

  •  Localized demand forecast

  •  Increase customer lifetime value

Churn Rate Reduction


A healthy and sustainable strategy for customer retention is very crucial.

This can be achieved through data analysis. Customers with different needs have different behavioural patterns. Separating your customers into cohorts based on their behaviour relative to your product is very helpful in analyzing, anticipating and reducing churn.

With varied analytics techniques like Prescriptive, Predictive, Descriptive, Diagnostic and Outcome Analytics, Kushagramati can provide the retention strategies.

Next Best and Personalized Offers


A next best offer (NBO) is a highly customized offer by a company or marketer, that guides the customer to the right merchandise, services, or information,

at the right moment in time, at the most agreeable and attractive price,

via the most convenient channel. The ability to make predictions based

on past purchase data creates a world of possibilities for creative marketers.

Kushagramati NBO service assembles prospect data points and automatically translates them into actionable insights, enabling marketing and sales teams

to sell smarter. NBO service includes understanding your customers, analyzing their next move, creating personalized experiences for them to win more business and drive loyalty.

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