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Data insights drive increased efficiency cost savings

Increased prevalence of lifestyle disorders creating a huge demand of accessible healthcare systems. The healthcare market is being propelled with technological advancements with rising in healthcare costs & transparency. The biggest obstacles today comes up with handling huge volume of meta data to extract the significant information & providing superior customer experience

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Predictive disease analysis

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Intelligent chatbot using AI/NLP

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Reduce Healthcare costs with benefits and recommendations

When it comes to predicting future health outcomes, big data analysis is critical. As a result, there is a lot of research being done on predictive analytics and machine learning approaches to reveal improved decision making. Big data analysis opens up new avenues for predicting future health state based on health metrics and delivering the best results....

In the field of healthcare, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial. It might be difficult to locate a doctor's consultation for health difficulties in some less-socialized places. The fundamental aim is to create a healthcare chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) that can identify a problem and offer necessary facts about it before consulting or visiting a doctor.....

Advanced machine learning models, suitable laboratory equipment, machine learning, and data science, which assist in creating medicines to improve patients' fast treatment at a lower cost, can help identify between cancers and healthy anatomy with 3D radiological images to enable medical experts in radiation therapy and surgical planning....

Optima x-ray predictor

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