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Role of OpenCV in Image Preprocessing

 Neha V S

Open CV is a huge open-source library for Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Image Processing. It focuses on image processing, video capture and analysis including face-detection and object detection. It can identify faces, objects or even the hand-writing of a human.

Time Series Forecasting on COVID 19 using ARIMA

Mohan Baabu

Time Series data is experimental data that has been observed at different points in time (usually evenly spaced, like once a day). For example, the data of airline ticket sales per day is a time series. However, just because a series of events has a time element does not automatically make it a time series, such as the dates of major airline disasters, which are randomly spaced and are not time series. These types of random processes are known as point process.

Social Media Analytics for National Security

Genevive g

Social media has evolved into an extremely powerful tool, not only for its users, but also for the public data it provides. In our digital age, social media intelligence is a critical component for keeping people and nations safe.

Graph Database: Wave of the future in documenting Data

Panchami V T  

In Today’s world, Customers' demand for immediate access to services and money transfers creates chances for criminals. For instance, payment service apps work to send money as soon as possible to legitimate users while simultaneously ensuring that it isn't transmitted for illegal purposes or used to conceal the genuine recipient by taking devious ways. This necessitates real-time fraud detection. Graphs increase access to data and allow for lightning-fast response times to queries, graphs have gained popularity as a solution for real-time fraud detection.

Syeda Arfa

Let’s Discover the EC2 Service from Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Kushagramati Analytics was where I started in the vast world of data. The training opportunities provided by this job have been extraordinary to say the least, and the freedom to learn has been extremely encouraging. I began by learning Python, Pandas and NumPy, followed by numerous courses in Databricks and Boomi Integration, and then moved on to the Cloud platform.

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