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The rapid evolution in the logistics sector has streamlined Operations & Efficiency, but at the same time, the digital age has impacted majorly on the industry. The effects can be seen in Customer Experience, Digitalization of Transactions, and Technology Adaption with respect to the transaction volume and the Evermore demanding consumers. Thereby enormous flow of goods will generate a huge amount of data that can be harnessed using Intelligent Analytics.

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Last-mile delivery is one of the most challenging components of the whole shipping process, despite being one of the most important variables in customer satisfaction. Processing of data collected from GPS helps build a system at its core.

Optimizing the route with telematics databases can be tapped to automatically adjust the routes based on real-time data of the latest order....

Securing warehouses from both external and Internal threats/thefts has been a critical challenge with the increase in the trading of goods. It is a critical decision to make sure the valuables are well protected from break-Ins in a commercial space which can now be enabled using smart video analytics application....

To anticipate future events using data analytics, the data sources and datasets are used with the combination of machine learning algorithms to discover patterns, demand signals, and spot intricate relationships.

AI-powered forecasting models can cut errors by 30 to 50 percent with the increased accuracy resulting in a 65 percent reduction in missed sales...

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Last Mile Delivery - Routing, Address identification for ease of delivery


Warehouse surveillance – Video Analytics  

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Demand Forecasting

Sentiment analysis - classification of text based on keywords

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