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Growing incidence of lifestyle diseases has lead to rising demand for affordable healthcare delivery systems. The healthcare market is driven by technological advancements, the emergence of telemedicine and rapid health insurance penetration. The top challenges seen in the current market are Increasing Costs and transparency, need for superior Consumer experience and non-availability of structured data and meaningful analysis of data.

At Kushagramati we help healthcare companies,

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Gain insights by collecting and analysing data to support decision-making

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Improve health system management and patient experience

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Reduce healthcare costs

The future of healthcare will be driven by digital transformation services and data analysis.


Social Analytics


Healthcare providers consider social networking and advertising as an integral part to be actively engaged with the patients. Strong and frequent communication with patients through the social networking sites help hospitals and doctors build positive relationships. Health alerts, quick FAQs, feedback from patients etc. aid in building patient trust. The amount of data getting generated every second just through search and social platforms is enormous. To get meaning out of this unstructured data, we at Kushagramati enable

the healthcare providers to stay competitive by providing them high-quality research and analysis. We provide precise data and insightful information about the different patterns of patient behavior, latest health market trends

and investigation of product launch strategies. With our expertise in providing, our clients can get improved Patient Relationship Management and effortlessly make crucial business decisions. Better understanding of the market dynamics.

Medical Device Analytics (IoMT)


The continued growth of medical IoT devices in healthcare shows a promising future for predictive analytics and population health. Much of this development has been aimed at bringing the technology to care facilities, with hospitals integrating more devices to replace many of their manual processes.

An Healthcare company which provides IoT devices or run a platform

IoT medical data, should be able to analyse data being generated by large numbers of healthcare devices.

  We offer:

  •  Predective analysis

  •  Professional dashboard

  •  Alerts for unusual activity on  device fleets which may indicate  that hacking is underway


  •  Predict public health crisis

  •  Proactively respond

   to  issues before they occur

Accelerating Clinical Research


Data analysis in Clinical research includes a study of a number

of medical case studies and accumulating trends in the healthcare industry and pooling of unstructured data.With so much data from so many sources,

we at Kushgramati empower our clients with consistency and a single source

for effective decision-making.


  •  Improve patient safety and data quality

  •  Research and Development

  •  Accelerate clinical trial phases

  •  Faster innovation for a better client experience

AI Leveraged Diagnostics


As the workload is growing, diagnostics and treatment are also becoming multifaceted. Diagnostic experts and physicians need a new set of tools that can handle large volumes of medical data quickly and accurately, allowing anyone to make more objective treatment decisions based on measurable data and tailored to the needs of the individual patient. To provide this new toolset, we will need to use the latest artificial intelligence (AI) techniques like Machine learning and Deep Learning. Kushagramati is well versed in applying these technologies for solving complex decision problems.​


  •  Improved patient outcomes

  •  Cost effectiveness

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