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Rich insights for optimal business decisions

With the digital revolution aided by technological breakthroughs and the proliferation of IOT devices, the retail industry is experiencing a boom, forcing retailers to rethink their business strategies. Personalized and tailored shopping experiences have become increasingly relevant for customers as e-commerce has grown

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Supply chain management


Customer Behaviour Analysis – Customer service management


Churn Rate Reduction – Retention strategies

Operational Efficiency and improve productivity – Data analytics accelerates the deliverables for a faster communication between supplier & manufacturers. Decision-makers use this increase in operational efficiency and monitor performance with the help of our analytics reports. To cut expenses and raise service levels by adding data-driven decisions

The most critical section for a Retail specific business is to gain unified, real-time insights into millions of customer interactions across geographies by the overwhelming amounts of data from a variety channel. Retailers have to also make sense of this data to take time-sensitive decisions on campaigns, promotions and other aspects of sales....

Low conversion rates and a greater need for distinctiveness is being a concern in Retail industry that frequently and can be encountered with churn by product, region or other granular factors.

The rate of customer churn shows how customers feel about the competitive, pricing, and services....


Next Best Offers – Customization for individual customers

Hybrid book recommendation engine

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Finding sensitive consumer journey data is crucial & challenges are gathering, integration, and synthesis of customer data creating customised offers. Companies are working more and harder to anticipate their consumers' requirements and what they'll buy next....

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